Sponsorship Academy.

  • Focused on secondary sports, e.g. Olympic sports other than the big money TV sports like basketball, football /soccer, ice hockey, tennis and golf.
  • Primarily for sports rights holders and their sponsors
    (athletes, teams, leagues, events, venues).
  • Selling sponsorship is hard.
  • But it becomes easier when the rights holder...
    - understands the sponsor point of view.
    - knows how to deliver value to the sponsor.
    - has an inventory of their sponsorship assets.
    - knows to present a compelling opportunity to prospective sponsors.
    If you know how to deliver value
  • Sponsors will learn how to maximize ROI and ROO - getting the full value from their sponsorship.
  • Rights holders will attract quality sponsors and then delight them with professional account management.
  • Developed by sports marketing professionals with years of experience working with both rights holders and sponsors.