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Whether you are a rights holder (athlete, team, event)​​ or a sponsorSponsorship Mastery will show you how to generate the returns you want.  Generating ROI (return on investment) and ROO (return on objectives) from sponsorship takes teamwork. Each side has responsibilities and reaps rewards. Each side needs to understand what the other should be doing in order to make the partnership work.

First Steps:


Read the first three (short!) lessons in Sponsorship Mastery.

The first three lessons 

  • How to Make Sponsorship Pay Off
  • Who Should Take this Course
  • How to Get the Most Ou of this Course

will give you a quick overview. Lesson 2 will give you some ideas on who in your organization needs to be involved. Share this course with them! Yes, that's right - you bought it and you can share it with others in your organization.

Sponsorship Mastery course outline

Click the red button to access course and read the first three lessons.


Look through the Sponsorship Mastery ​course outline.

Sponsorship Mastery  has eight modules. Modules 1-6 are lessons. Modules 7-8 have downloads:  case studies and tools like checklists, worksheets, workbooks and proposal outlines.

Clicking the green buttons will open up the outline so you can see the contents of each module.

Several downloads are already available in Module 7 and Module 8.

Feel free to download and look through any of them.

Version 1.0  At launch - 3 April 2020 - the "Module Overview" for each module is available. Most of the individual lessons will be added during 2Q2020. Several of the lessons will included downloads that will be available when the lesson is added.

Sponsorship Mastery course outline

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Download "Five Sponsorship Return Generation Strategies"

If you haven't already downloaded this strategy document do it now.  All through the course we will focus on sponsorship activation and this document gives a high level overview of the five activation strategies that will generate ROI and ROO for both the rights holder and the sponsors.


Send feedback and questions!

Are there any lessons in the course outline that particularly interest you? Let us know - we can build out the unfinished lessons in any order.

Here's a question for you:

What is your single biggest challenge in sponsorship?

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