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Overview: Sponsor Success

Integrated Activation - Sponsorship and Your Marketing Plan

Updated Friday  3 April 2021 by Jack Griffin

Lessons in This Module and How They Will Help You


Why Sponsor?

Sponsor in order to support your business objectives. It's as simple as that. And, you can generate exciting returns at relatively low cost.

How to use sponsorship if your business objective is:

  • Build awareness of your brand
  • Reposition your brand
  • Build employee enthusiasm
  • Reward stakeholders 
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Get new customers
  • Get more revenue from existing customers
  • ...  partial list, many more examples


What to Sponsor

Make your choice fit your company objectives as well as your values and temperament..

Sponsoring an event can be a good choice. It's relatively low risk. You'll learn many opportunities to activate around events.

Sponsoring a competitor - an athlete or a team - brings more intense emotions - winning, losing, the effort, the joy, the pain. It also brings risks - poor performance, unethical behavior. How to be ready for anything.


How Plan to Ensure Sponsorship Success

How do you plan a sponsorship? What needs to be in the contract? This course will give you workbooks and checklists. And case studies. 


The Payoff - Sponsorship Activation

Activation may be the most frequently discussed theme in this course.  Do think sponsorship means putting a logo on a jersey or a car or a stadium? Even if your thinking is that limited, this course will tell you how to activate around that logo placement.

Of course, you know there are four more major strategies for activation and return generation. This course will give you detailed examples and the tools you need to activate on the right mix to achieve and exceed your objectives.



How to Organize for Sponsorship Success

Who's in charge of the sponsorship in your company? Who do they deal with in the rights holder's organization? Who else in your company needs to be involved...  with their budget, their staff, their efforts?

  • C-suite
  • Other marketing departments
  • Sales force
  • Distribution channels
  • Corporate communications
  • .... more!

Who does what? When? How do you set milestones and measure results? And then communicate those results?
Learn how in this course.


Sponsorship for B2C

You'll get a worksheet to  how to match your budget and objectives with the property you sponsor.

You might be an unknown brand with a big budget - like Seiko when they began sponsoring (re-read the case study!) Or a mature brand with fierce competition. You'll learn creative ways to activate, some of them surprisingly low cost.


Sponsorship for B2B

B2B brands can cost-effectively and precisely target their objectives. We'll study a major corporation that was able to get meetings with either the chairman, the CEO or the CFO from 400 of their 600 biggest clients. If you're from a smaller B2B company, you will learn learn how to scale sponsorship activation to meet your objectives with the budget you have.


Sponsorship for Luxury Brands

Luxury brands have a special set of tactics available. As always, activation programs need to be aligned with business objectives. How to choose what to sponsor - we'll look at examples. You'll receive tools to align brand values with the rights holder's values. 


Agencies and Sponsorship Activation

Your organization can't do everything, nor should you try. You'll learn what to expect from agencies and suppliers; how to plan with them; and how to manage them. With examples, of course.


Ambush Marketing

You may not be able to avoid ambushes, but you can learn how to defend against them. What to expect / demand from the rights holder.

Examples of ambushes. This can be entertaining, unless you're the one being ambushed. And, it's not an ambush if you shoot yourself in the foot.

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