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Overview: Sponsorship What & Why

If You Know How to Deliver Value, You Know How to Sell Your Sponsorship 

Updated Friday  3 April 2021 by Jack Griffin

Lessons in This Module and How They Will Help You


Your Sponsorship Success Team

How should you organize to support your sponsor's success? Their success is your success - make sure people in your organization know the importance of their role. In this lesson you'll receive an organization chart you can use to map out responsibilities, and job descriptions for each role. You probably won't have a different person for each responsibility, but you will need to know who covers each one.


Account Management

Who is responsible for the relationship with the sponsor? You'll find in this lesson a job description for account managers and checklists they can use. You may only have one person, spending part-time on account manager duties, but you absolutely must cover this function.


Brand Extension

You can help your sponsors activate with secondary activities, related to your primary activity. Youth sports are an obvious example. You'll find more examples in this lesson. 



Regular quantitative and qualitative reports to your sponsors will keep the relationship running smoothly. In this lesson you'll find outlines of reports and timetables for reporting. You'll also receive advice on the informal reporting that will keep your sponsors informed and confident in the relationship.


How to Manage the Relationship

Communications underpin all the processes you should have in place. You'll get a sample sponsor review agenda and planning tools, naturally focused on activation.  Sometimes (often) different sponsors have different priorities. Learn how to identify potential conflicts among sponsors and how to resolve them.

A sponsor may be very demanding. Learn how to defend your organization from overly demanding sponsors and how to channel the enthusiasm of your most active sponsors.


Expanding and Renewing the Relationship

What term did you agree at the beginning of the sponsorship. From the first day, be thinking of how to exceed expectations to give yourself the best chance to renew and possibly expand the sponsorship.

The examples and checklists in this lesson will give you guidance.


Ending the Relationship

How can you know well in advance when the relationship will end? Learn strategies to make sure you are not surprised, and that when the relationship ends, it is on a positive note.



Use the worksheet and checklist  in this lesson to be prepared. An ambush is another example of something that can go wrong. Know how you will protect your sponsor's interests and yours. The sample contingency plan will help you.

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