Module 4 Overview

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Overview: Five Sponsorship Return Generation Strategies

A Little Creative Thinking Generates Big Returns

Updated Friday  3 April 2021 by Jack Griffin

Lessons in This Module and How They Will Help You


Audience Engagement for Tribal Loyalty

We talked about 21st century sponsorship in Module 1. Social media is an obvious tactic. Learn about new techniques for converting follows, likes and shares  into your own highly engaged tribe.

Learn, too, about mostly overlooked, traditional ways to build powerful tribal engagement, and generate incremental sales at the same time.


Get Creative with Association Rights

Association rights are fertile ground for creativity. Look again at the list of audiences and tactics in the Association Rights pages of the strategy document "Five Return Generation Strategies."

This lesson will be full of examples and how-to's that will show you powerful ways to activate, often with little to no cost. Thinking is hard work. This lesson will show you how to make it pay off!



B2B companies may find this to be their most valuable activation strategy. Learn how to make your hospitality program a truly unbuyable experience.  Hint: the food and drink are the ante, not the real differentiator. The checklists will include a level of detail that will surprise you. But in VIP hospitality, the devil is in the details. 

All companies can use hospitality to thank and reward their stakeholders. You'll see examples.

How can a rights holder offer the unbuyable experience for VIP hospitality and still generate revenue with commercial hospitality. We'll look at how to do it. And how not to.


Licensing & Merchandising

Licensing done right generates revenue and enhances brand value for both the sponsor and the rights holder. Done wrong it dilutes brand value. Done really wrong it can lose a lot of money. Case studies will show you how to do it right.


Media Value and Branding

The most creative thing about media value calculations is the creative accounting used to arrive at mostly unverifiable audience size and media value numbers. If that sounds a bit cynical, realize that "impressions and reach" can be very important to many sponsors, especially B2C brands.

In this lesson, you'll learn creative branding opportunities and important principles for traditional branding. These will also go into the rights holder's asset inventory we deal with in Module 3a.

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