Module 5 Overview


Updated Monday 9 March 2020 by Jack Griffin

Module 5 - Case Studies and Best Practices

Thinking is the hardest work there is,
which is probably why so few people engage in it."

- Henry Ford

In this module we will look at a mix of case studies and examples, some good, some not so good. Both sponsors and rights holders can learn from these examples. 

Over time, this library will grow. We'll send out notification when we add something.

In reviewing these case studies, sponsors should think about their business objectives and the audiences they want to address. 

  • getting new customers
  • getting more revenue from existing customers
  • motivating employees, vendors and other stakeholders
  • ... what else?

Rights holders will find sample pitches from real properties. Look at the Medcup pitchbook and notice the emphasis on branding and sponsor logo placement. Compare that with the Five ROI Strategies and see how much is missing. The Volvo Ocean Race pitchbook is attractive and professional - you may want to use that style to show off the visual appeal of your property. 

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