Module 6 Overview

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Overview: Sponsorship Toolkit

Strategies and Tactics for Win-Win-Win Sponsorships

Updated Friday  3 April 2021 by Jack Griffin

Tools in This Module and How They Will Help You


Timeless Lessons from the Early 20th Century

Is this the best marketing book ever written? Lots of successful marketers think so. It's short and a fast read. Scientific Advertising is about more than advertising. Above all it's about results!


Strategy: Five Sponsorship Return Generation Strategies

This is the high level, go-to strategy for this course. Virtually all the lessons in the course draw from the ideas in this document.


Sponsorship Workbooks - under development

3 April 2020:   Workbooks will be posted here as they are developed. 


Sponsorship Contract Checklist

A useful list of provisions you will include in your sponsorship contracts. Not legal advice, but useful background for discussions with your attorney.


Legal Issues for Charities

Charities and sports properties organized as non-profits can offer tax advantages for donors. Legal and fiscal considerations vary by country. This document is not legal advice, but provides useful background for discussions with attorneys and auditors.

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