Probably the Best Marketing Book Ever – and very short!


Late update: 11 March 2020 by Jack Griffin

The Shakespeare of Marketing

What can you learn from a marketing book written a century ago? Claude Hopkins invented methods for selling that are even more powerful with 21st century digital marketing tools. Some of the language in the book is archaic, but you'll understand it. And the examples of old brands may make you smile. And you can skim this short book quickly, but I bet you will read it carefully once you see the value.

Hopkins invented(!) the concepts that are to marketing what Romeo & Juliet is to love stories

  • brands and brand image 
  • pre-emptive claims - read the story of Schlitz beer in Chapter 7
  • testing
  • coupons and samples, test for sales "lift" (think: free downloads, videos and social media posts)

Hopkins knew that the job of his marketing was to sell, not to entertain.  Nothing wrong with entertainment, but Job One is to sell. 

Thanks to Carl Galletti for this edition of Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins. You can learn more about Carl and his marketing consulting services here.

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